Tips for protecting your home & belongings this Winter

Posted on Friday 23rd of October 2015.

With the cold, wet, frosty, and sometimes stormy weather of Winter on its way, it’s important to start thinking about how best to protect your home. Sometimes no amount of planning and preparation can prevent the unforeseen happening but these simple steps can help winter-proof your home: 

  • Make sure all pipes exposed to the cold are lagged, to prevent them freezing. Lagging pipes is relatively cheap and easy – the foam tubes and cables ties you’ll need are available from DIY stores
  • Keep your central heating on at around 15ºC, leaving the loft hatch open for warm air to circulate
  • Leaving kitchen cupboard doors open can help to prevent pipes from freezing
  • If high winds are forecast remember to either secure outdoor items such as trampolines and garden furniture, or store them in a shed or garage
  • Check for loose roof tiles
  • Consider removing dead branches from old trees before it gets windy

Winter brings Christmas - and Christmas brings presents!

Whether you are giving or receiving it is easy to keep your valuables safe this winter too.

  • Keep any gifts (wrapped and unwrapped) away from windows
  • Mark any expensive gifts you receive with your name and postcode using a UV pen
  • Make an inventory, with photos, of the most important and/or valuable items in your home.
  • If you get a bike for Christmas, register it at
  • Let your home insurance company know that you have new expensive items that might need to be itemised on your policy

If you're going away for some holiday sun this winter...

If you don’t have a trusted house sitter, friend or neighbour to help make the house look occupied, exterior security lighting, indoor timer lighting switches and leaving the radio on will give the impression that somebody is at home.