Organisation Grant Purpose
Grant_17_-_Acorns.JPG We have provided funding towards the family team workers who provide advice and guidance for families.
 Grant_17_-_Ellenor.JPG To fund the running costs of Ellenor's Youth Group for six months, which is held one Saturday a month for our life-limited patients aged 11 to 19.
 Grant_17_-_Ty_Cariad_Africa.JPG To provide a salary to employ an existing part time employee on a full time basis, to give him time to develop projects and programmes, increase sponsorship, increase awareness and sustainability.
 Grant_17_-_Over_The_Wall.JPG To support the cost of providing 20 places at a new Therapeutic Recreation Camp specifically for children with anaphylaxis, (severe allergies), based at PGL Activity Centre in Liddington, near Swindon.
 Grant_17_-_Children_1st.JPG We have provided funding towards the salary of a family support worker who will help work with vulnerable children across Ayrshire who are facing multiple and complex disadvantages.
 Grant_17_-_Carers_Trust.JPG To fund the Time to Find Me Programme, originally created with support from the Openwork Foundation, to give Young Carers time to have fun as a child, not a carer, build their resilience and aspirations.
 Grant_17_-_Walton_Leigh_School.jpg Installation of sensory interactive equipment for the hydrotherapy swimming pool.
 Grant_17_-_WESC_Foundation.jpg To enable visually impaired children to access a horticultural area for their learning and enjoyment and increase their understanding of growing food and incorporating this into a healthy diet.
Grant_17_-_NSPCC_NI.jpg Partial funding of a practitioner’s salary who supports many vulnerable young people in Northern Ireland who are socially, physically and mentally disadvantaged.
Grant_17_-_Richard_House_Childrens_Hospice.jpg Specialist Palliative Care Nurse to continue her current role providing one-to-one care to children with life-limiting, life-threatening and complex healthcare conditions.
 Grant_17_-_Naomi_House__Jacksplace.jpg We have provided funding towards the salary of our Lead Activity Co-Ordinator whose responsibility it is to devise, organise and oversee our Diversion Therapies.
 Grant_17_-_Wye_Valley_Zambia_Project.jpg To equip a Lifeskills room for Special Needs students and refurbish a derelict room to provide a nursery/pre-school programme for seriously deprived children in an area of serious poverty.
  We have provided funding towards the annual cost of running the Family Support Groups for 2017/18.
 Grant_17_-_Disability_Challengers.jpg To fund a pop up play scheme for disabled children aged 4-12 in Dorking
 Grant_17_-_Fields_of_Life.jpg To provide school furniture for 3 classes at Town Nursery, 4 classes at Town Primary and 4 classes at Haddow Secondary School, recently built in Maridi, South Sudan.
 Grant_17_-_Low_Mill_Outdoor_Centre.jpg To replace another of a mini-bus adapted to take wheelchair users.
 Grant_17_-_We_are_Beams.jpg To take severely disabled children and young people out aged 8-19 into society and ensure we add some fun and life experiences to their days.
 Grant_17_-_Shakespeare_School_Foundation.jpg To support the participation of over 500 disadvantaged young people in a unique arts education project across the UK.
 Grant_17_-_Pied_Piper_Appeal.jpg To remodel a room and install children’s equipment, toys, storage facilities with brightly coloured features and state of the art technical equipment. 
 Grant_17_-_CALM_Trust.jpg To fund safe and fun activities that will take CALM children away from the stresses of living with cancer and its after-effects.
Grant_17_-_Romsey_Young_Carers.jpg For a residential activity for each of the core age groups and support activities, all with the these of wellbeing.
Grant_17_-_Warwickshire_Young_Carers.jpg To develop the existing Child Carer Family Support Project into rural Stratford district which aims to reduce inappropriate caring responsibilities.
Grant_17_-_Opening_your_heart_to_Bhutan.jpg To build proper paths and toilets at a rural school in South West Bhutan
Grant_17_-_Jigsaw_School.jpg To fit out a Teaching & Learning Room, a safe low stimulus space equipped and adapted to accommodate higher needs learning requirements.
Grant_17_-_Positive_Help.jpg To supports disadvantaged children who have fallen behind at school due to chaotic family circumstances. Each child receives personalised support from a dedicated mentor to achieve their academic potential.
Grant_17_-_St_Nicholas_WDG.jpg To ensure the continued education of street children and orphans at Feed M Lamb School in Kabarole, Uganda
Grant_17_-_Lifespace_Trust.jpg To recruit, train and support volunteers who will conduct both one to one mentoring and roll out the Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) training course.
Grant_17_-_Youth_Adventure_Trust.jpg To enable 18 young people from Swindon to attend their challenging first year of the Youth Adventure Programme in 2018, which comprises an Explore Day and a 6 day Mountain Camp.
Special Educational Needs Families Support Group To recruit and vet 10 volunteers to work alongside existing staff and volunteers and pay them expenses. Purchase education learning resources and aids, two computers with specialist software and one printer.
Grant_17_-_White_Lodge_Centre.jpg For 2 height adjustable nursery benches that can be fully lowered to the floor so that our young people can get on themselves. Our nursery specialises in children with cerebral palsy and similar conditions.
Grant_17_-_Sebastians_Action_Trust.jpg To renovate and equip a disabled changing room within our new outreach centre and support hub, 'Woodlands', based in Crowthorne, Berkshire.
Grant_17_-_Bolton_Young_Persons_Housing_Scheme.jpg To pay for staff costs at Castle House (U18s service) incurred at weekends to keep the emergency accommodation open through the day Saturdays and Sundays.

To facilitate the increasing number of school visits required for the benefit of children below 18 years of age diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis, their families, and their wider school network.