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In 2015 we made £252,686 available for grants to the charities our advisers and staff wanted to support

 caudwell-logo We provided £8,500 to purchase and provide 17 therapy tricycles for the benefit of 17 disabled children living in the UK
  We provided £5,000 to benefit 90 children with an ongoing project of music therapy: the salary of the contract therapist hired.
  We provided £7,050 for a range of activities, care and support for 6000 children with Rett syndrome and their siblings at three Regional events (Scotland, South West and North East). Opportunities for 1:1 support and post event follow up included. Funding includes costs of training their Family Support Manager so they can deliver the support sessions plus direct event costs, eg. venue hire. 
Opening Your Heart To Bhutan We provided £3,000 to build a safe well-equipped school playground for 104 children and repair the ceiling/roof of school library.
 Back Home We provided £8,030 to build a temporary care unit, providing accommodation and shelter for 26 zero to five year olds on a temporary basis, as and when required.
  We provided £9,800 to fund four workshops showing parents how to teach 60 young people with Autism about sexuality, relationships and personal hygiene in a way appropriate for how someone with Autism learns. Costs to include trainer fee and expenses, venue hire and resources etc. 
 Logo We provided £5,000 so 30 families in hardship will receive eight weeks of counselling at a reduced rate.
 Logo We provided £5,000 owards the nursing costs of delivering Respite and Palliative Care Services to 52 children who have life-limiting and life-threatening or complex healthcare needs. This grant will cover the salary of one nurse over four months.
 Barnardo's logo We provided £5,00 to improve the garden at Summerfield to provide a safe, stimulating play environment for 6 children. 
 Sight for Surrey We provided £5,000 to support their Children and Young People's Programme, which provides a range of inclusive opportunities for 300 zero-18 year olds to participate in alongside others who have a similar disability or with sighted peers.
 Rape & Sexual Violence Project We provided £10,000 as a contribution to the costs of new children’s facilities for 100 children; a new space that will be converted into smaller rooms for counselling and advocacy sessions.
 The Daisy Garland logo We provided £9,756 to fund night-time breathing (SATs/epilepsy) monitors for use in the home, in support of The Daisy Garland's ongoing ‘Reducing the Risk of SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy patients)’ programme.
  We provided £5000 to part fund the salary of a Family Support Worker supporting 75 children in a Southampton-based team.
Mobility Help for Disabled People We provided £6,500
  We provided £10,000 to contribute towards core revenue costs of Grove Cottage's clubs supporting 90 children - including staff salaries for its club leaders and staff. In particular, Grove Cottage would put the money towards the staff and running costs of its speech and language programme. 
 CCHF All about Kids Logo We provided £9,990 for 27 disadvantaged children to attend a 5 day residential activity and respite break in 2015.
 Home Start Rossendale, Burnley and Hyndburn We provided £10,000 Tt extend the Home-Start service in Burnley and Hyndburn; working with disadvantaged families to overcome barriers that are preventing them from ensuring the best outcomes for their 200 children. To provide a local family support service delivered primarily by home visiting volunteers who are trained, supported and supervised by professional staff. 
 Child Brain Injury Trust We provided £10,000 towards delivery and expansion of their Central England Child and Family Support Service into Southern England, enabling them to help 120 brain injured children and young people.
 Rose Road Logo We provided £10,000 for provision of community based outreach for 100 severely disabled children and young people, in Portsmouth and the surrounding area. 
  We provided £10,000 to help fund the renovation of the Robin House Playroom for 600 children.
 Hope House Childrens Hospice Logo We provided £10,000 to help with the cost of one of their specialist paediatric nurses at Ty Gobaith to support 80 children.
 Mane Chance Sanctuary We provided £8,560 to build a large covered barn which would give them an all-weather facility to use for the Chance 4 Trust programme to support 150 children.
The Sylvia Wright Trust We donated £10,00 to partially fund the construction costs of a purpose built education and therapy centre for up to 100 children with severe physical and learning disabilities in Tamil Nadu, Southern India.
  We provided £7,000
  We provided £5,000 for specialist support for eight bereaved children in Gloucestershire so they can face the future with confidence and hope.
 Action For Kids logo We provided £10,000 fund bespoke and specialist mobility equipment, not available from the NHS, for 10 disabled children and young people around the UK
 Francis House We provided £10,000 for equipment required to enhance the 'Gold' room. The total cost of equipment for the room is £20,000, £10,000 of which has already been funded by our adviser firm TopQuote.
  We provided £7,000 to help fund the provision of a brand new Midlands based Serious Illness Camp in 2015, catering for up to 65 children aged 8-17.
 Box Clever Theatre We provided £10,000 llow The Hate Play, an interactive drama about bullying and friendship, to be seen and to be afforded by 875 young people from schools in socially deprived areas.
  We provided £5,000 to provide a clean and protected area for 250 girls to wash and go to the toilet without fear in the night and provide hooks for the girls mosquito nets, while they sleep.
  We provided £2,500 to assist in the running costs of the caravan supporting 20 children.
 Child Bereavement We provided £5,000 towards the running costs of two Children and Young People's Support Groups (ChYPS) in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes supporting 26 children.
 Enable Scotland We provided £10,000 towards Summer Funshine project is to provide a structured programme of activity for 250 children and young people who live in West and East Dunbartonshire accessing PALS Summer Funshine project with 210 hours of fun 5 days a week for a period of 6 weeks during the summer holidays.