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Before checking YouTube, check you’re covered

Posted on Friday 20th of November 2015

With a seemingly-endless supply of online hints, tips and walk-through guides available at the click of a button, you may feel more confident about tackling tasks that you may previously have left to an expert.

But before you get started, it’s worth bearing in mind that British property owners pay out a massive £4.4 billion to repair the damage done by DIY. If you are diving into a project, do remember to take care, ensure you have the tools and knowledge for the job you’re undertaking - and check your insurance cover before you begin.


Stroke Impacting More Working-Age People

Posted on Friday 6th of November 2015


Data from the Stroke Association has shown an alarming increase in the number of working-age people affected by stroke.

As well as the obvious health implications, stroke can severely impact a survivor’s ability to earn or maintain an income, which can have a knock-on effect on things such as lifestyle and rehabilitation.

Sharp rise among 40-54 age group

The number of strokes occurring in men aged between 40 and 54 has increased by almost 50% in less than 15 years. In 2000, there were over 4,260 hospital admissions for stroke among men ...

Tips for protecting your home & belongings this Winter

Posted on Friday 23rd of October 2015

With the cold, wet, frosty, and sometimes stormy weather of Winter on its way, it’s important to start thinking about how best to protect your home. Sometimes no amount of planning and preparation can prevent the unforeseen happening but these simple steps can help winter-proof your home: 

  • Make sure all pipes exposed to the cold are lagged, to prevent them freezing. Lagging pipes is relatively cheap and easy – the foam tubes and cables ties you’ll need are available from DIY stores
  • Keep your central heating on at around 15ºC, leaving the...

Why Do Many UK Families Lack Life Insurance?

Posted on Friday 9th of October 2015

Copy_of_Blog_2015.jpgLife insurance can be the financial buffer which stops a painful bereavement becoming a financial catastrophe.  While there's more to life than money, an effective financial plan recognises the fact that everyday actions have a financial value.  To put it another way, if we were left unable to carry out these activities, we'd have to pay someone else to do them for us.  Notwithstanding this, however, many families in the UK are without life insurance, which raises the question of why.

Lack Of Money

This is the single most obvious reason fo...

Jon Gildea - September/October 2015

Posted on Thursday 8th of October 2015

Back on track

I finally shook the virus that was taking the edge off me just in time to get a week long family holiday/ training in Tenerife.  It was a fantastic place to get some good base miles in climbing up Mount Tidy which has a 20m 2200 feet climb whilst also spending some quality time with my very supportive wife and kids.


I came back from the break with 3 weeks until the final World Cup race of the season in South Africa. I was able, with the help of my coach, to put some real quality structured training in which he...

Flood Risk - Check Your Insurance

Posted on Friday 2nd of October 2015

insuranceflood-300x251.pngOne of the grim inevitabilities of the winter months in Britain is the prevalence of flooding.

Britain has experienced several years of above average rainfall that many scientists attribute to climate change.

Some studies have suggested that flooding is in part due to the development of towns, cities and farmland, preventing natural drainage from taking place.

Are you ready for the rain and the likely risks of flooding? Do you know the steps you can take to make your home safe from the high waters, or insured against them?

Waterlogged po...

Is life insurance still an asset for over-50s?

Posted on Friday 25th of September 2015

asset50.pngMost people start families in their 20s or 30s, often this is also the first time they think about family protection, life insurance and making sure that their loved ones are taken care of if they die.

Once this life cover is purchased, it is common to forget all about it all together or only review it every couple of years. When your circumstances have changed and your family has grown up, it might be tempting to question whether a life insurance policy is necessary at all. However, cancelling a policy might involve hidden costs.

So, what...

Life insurance is not a once in a life lifetime purchase

Posted on Friday 18th of September 2015

6.pngLooking at old photos can highlight just how much a person's life can change over the years. 

The tiny baby in its cot eventually becomes a fully-grown adult heading out into the big wide world and sooner or later many of those tiny babies will make tiny babies of their own.  Births, deaths and marriages are the three major events in most people's lives and are often ideal points at which to make or review a financial plan.


Life insurance, by definition, is to help the people who are left behind. 

Births are generally a time when ...

What type of life insurance is right for you?

Posted on Friday 11th of September 2015


There are plenty of ways of setting aside money for your spouse and children for the future but the advantage of life insurance is that it is probably the most cost effective.

The most common policy is probably the level term life insurance: one that pays out a fixed amount if the policy holder dies within a given period. Another common policy is critical illness cover, where insurers will pay out if you are diagnosed with a specified and potentially terminal illness. The cover is designed normally as an add-on to a life insurance policy,...

How Life Insurance Works

Posted on Wednesday 9th of September 2015