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Financial back pains

Posted on Thursday 7th of July 2016

Back pain is a common problem that affects most of us at some point. In 2014/15 9.5 million working days were lost due to musculoskeletal disorders including back pain. To put that figure in perspective that's just over 26,000 years of lost productivity. In some cases the back problem will be temporary and the sufferer will recover and return to work, but conditions vary enormously in their severity and can occur at any time.

Preventing back pain

How you sit, stand, lie and lift can all affect your back. When you think about how much time ...

Too ill to earn

Posted on Friday 3rd of June 2016

‘Seven Families’ highlights the importance of protecting your income.

 Seven Families is a charity-led campaign that aims to raise awareness of the financial and emotional difficulties caused by long-term illness or disability. Launched in November 2014, it follows seven real families in the UK where the main breadwinner has been forced out of work by an accident or illness – without having any protection insurance in place.

The Clarke family

Tracey Clarke and her husband Tim live on a houseboat after financial difficulties forced the sal...

Alternative Funerals

Posted on Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

If you've ever imagined your own funeral do you think of a grand procession and a marble headstone or an altogether more demure affair?

Before you start planning your funeral make sure you know fact from fiction. For instance, did you know:

  • you don’t have to use a funeral director to organise a funeral
  • you don’t have to use a hearse to move a body
  • you don’t even have to have a coffin

woodland_burial.jpgIt’s entirely up to you whether you choose a typical Victorian-style service offered by many undertakers or opt for something different. You could try ...

Give yourself a sporting chance

Posted on Wednesday 6th of April 2016

With a summer of sports coming up you might feel inspired to get involved. But before you do make sure you’re covered in case any of the inevitable bumps and bruises need more than just a plaster.

There’s a host of major sporting events taking place this Summer.


An active community

Seeing so many of the world’s greatest athletes and sporting heroes competing at the top of their game may leave you feeling motivated to get involved at a grass-roots level.

Anyone can take part in grass-roots sports – which play a crucial role in keeping u...

Over-sharing could invalidate your home insurance

Posted on Monday 29th of February 2016

If you use social media, you may have posted a picture by the pool or a selfie from the slopes. Even if you haven’t, you probably know someone who has.

Did you social-media-419944_960_720.pngknow that sharing your current location or travel plans could void your home insurance?

A quick swipe through your timeline will probably reveal the recent holiday details of friends and family – right down to the travel dates, departure airport and hotel location.

But have you ever stopped to think that posting this sensitive information on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter could be ...

Accident protection

Posted on Wednesday 17th of February 2016

More accidents happen in the home than anywhere else. And during the winter months more time at home means more chance of an accident.

You may take extra care whilst spring cleaning for Easter, but can you be sure your family are being as vigilant?

Every year:

  • There are approximately 5,000 deaths as the result of an accident at home – with children under five and people over 65 most likely to have an accident
  • Almost 7,000 people were admitted to hospital after accidents involving a ladder
  • Nearly 4,000 were admitted to hospital followi...

‘Seven Families’ campaign highlights loss of income risk

Posted on Friday 5th of February 2016

A charity-led campaign is aiming to raise public awareness of the financial impact of long-term illness or disability.

Launched in October 2014, ‘Seven Families’ is using the examples of seven real families in the UK where the main breadwinner has been forced out of work by an accident or illness – and not received any related insurance pay out.

Seven Families is a charity that provides a tax-free income for one year to those seven people, to highlight the importance of planning financially for the unexpected. But it isn’t just about the m...

Jon Gildea - December 2015

Posted on Friday 11th of December 2015

Time Management

P1_International_3.1.jpgI don’t often talk about how I manage to balance the different sides of my life and make sure I fit in all of the important aspects.  I am a husband to my wonderful wife Kelly, Dad of two great kids, Jorja 8 and Ted 4, Partner at my Openwork firm - Money & Mortgages, Financial Adviser for the last 17 years and full time member of the British Cycling Team for the past year. Unlike most of my British Cycling Team mates I have continued to work and run a successful business with the help of some great business partners and sta...

walk-842535_640.jpgLife and Protection Insurance policies (sometimes known as ‘Family Protection’) offer a financial safety net for you and your loved ones, should the worst happen.

They can provide a regular income or cash payout to ease the financial burden of:

  • death
  • serious injury or illness
  • unemployment (as an additional cover with certain policies)

Which one is right for you?

Life Insurance can provide financial security to those who depend on your income when you die. It could pay off your mortgage, or provide an income to help cover things lik...

Jon Gildea - November 2015

Posted on Monday 30th of November 2015

I was lucky enough to again be selected to ride for the British Cycling Team at the recent P1 international race in Manchester.I had a good hard block of training prior to the competition with plenty of track time which served me well.  It was great to be at the velodrome twice a week for a month or so occasionally bumping into superstar cyclists at the same time.   

My form at the P1 was mixed after maybe pushing the training just a bit too hard the week before competition, left me a bit under the weather.  Valuable lessons learned from my...